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Fando Now...

Our talented Australian friend Age Planas created a Facebook group called Fando Now. A real pleasure to meet there good old Fandalism members. AJ's art dated Mar 7th, 2024 (tap on the picture to enlarge).

AJ's FlamancanRock FB page

AJ's videos page

Age Planas is an amazing singer/guitarist, providing cheerful performances that puts you in a good mood. He's also a great gardener (just watch his vegetables photos on his FB wall). As generous as his garden!

Fando Now FB group page

Age Planas

Pierre Rosique

His bio: Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon rock music he grew up with, Pierre Rosique is a French musician.

Composer and performer, his favorite instruments are analog and digital Synthesizers. He produces his solo music and in collaboration with other musicians as well.

He collaborated with the following musicians:

  • USA: Christopher Holland Martinez, Ronald Fulton, Jim Jenkin, Melvin Donovan, Jeff Jansen , Jack Scannel , Scott Powers, Joan Berly , Danny Roffe, Mark Fussell, Melody Dawn, Michael Poynter), Brice Cross ...

  • Québec: Jérome Lemay, Pierre Lefebvre, Richard Trudeau,

  • Canada: Kathy Shortt, Debbie Ashade,

  • Finland: Takahiro Masuda,

  • Germany: Kai Liebert, Paul Hoppe,

  • Netherlands: Annemiek Beex,

  • Italia: Michella Vazzana,

  • Bulgarie: Valentin Vasilev,

  • Greece: George Dragazis,

  • Philipines : John O'Neil.

  • France : Paco Reth, Franck Szypura...

Pierre's Facebook

Pierre's Videos channel

Pierre's Website

Yvalain: "Pierre Rosique is a prolific French composer who uses synths to create beautiful musical universes, as beautiful maybe as the gorgeous landscapes of the Alps where he lives (background photo by himself). He works alone and he's also involved in several fruitful collaborations. He's also a talented illustrator as everyone can state on his website dedicated to his music. His kindness is universally acknowledged by the people that are in contact with him on Facebook or elsewhere."

His news

Pierre Rosique: "Sweet memories of a childhood gone forever linger, delicious feelings of hopeful return and eternal regret. Stone by stone, the wall of our convictions cracks. The landscape we glimpse through the breccia questions us. Since the path is there, let's take it in stride.

Hello friends, Christopher and I are delighted to present "New Braunfels", the fifth track from our collaborative album "Texas Connection". We invite you to let yourself be carried away by the sweet nostalgia of this song. We're sure that everyone will recognize themselves in the evocation of these subtle moments of fragile happiness. Friendly vibes to you all"

Tap on the picture to listen the song

Danijela Jovic Multi-instrumentist, composer & painter.

Belgrade - Serbia

Yvalain: "Dani is a great musician who shares beautiful music that never ceases to amaze me. She's involved in many collaborations: with Kathy Shortt, Melani Cholie and others.

She's also a painter who exhibits in galleries, some photos of her paintings can be seen on her Facebook page or on the dedicated website"

Danijela's Facebook

Danijela's videos

Her website dedicated to her paintings

Danijela Jovic

Her music:

One song in the spotlight

Dance With Me - Kathy Shortt & Danijela Jovic

Listen her interview on YT

Melani Cholie

Radio Raumstation/Murlani

Melani Cholie, Songwriter, Singer, Interviewer

Munich, Germany

Yvalain: "Melani is one these great multi-talented artist, involved in beautiful collaborations with musicians like Peter Murr (group name: Murlani), the pianist Hervé Southman, Danijela Jovi (duo name: Shifter Sisters), Mark Talor and many more. I even created one song with her. 😊"

Melani's Facebook

Radio Raumstation

It's a great concept that Melani created here. She interviews musicians and published the video on YouTube. At this day 20 interviews are available. a great way to discover in more depth an artist in one's own words

Tap on the picture to visit Radio Raumstation channel on YT

Her music:

Listen on Spotify

Listen (HD) on Qobuz

Her videos on YT

Listen Murlani on YT Music

Tap the picture to listen Murlani on Bandcamp

One song in the spotlight

Lean On Me - Melani Cholie & Hervé Southman

Richard Trudeau

Richard Trudeau, Songwriter, Singer, Music Project Mgr

in Québec, Canada

Yvalain: "Richard is a very talented guitarist and an excellent singer. After recording original songs gathered in his album CORPS ET ÂME he challenged himself by covering marvelous and expert guitar pieces that can be listened and watched on his YouTube channel. He also initiated several projects involving numerous musicians and singers that were shard on the late Fandalism website, but fortunately still available on YouTube".

Richard's Facebook

His music:

His videos on YT

One song in the spotlight

Richard Trudeau's album "Corps et Âme"

Richard Trudeau playing "Fragile Forest" (Phil Peaggy)

Tap on the picture to play the video on YouTube

One of his megaprojects

Richard Trudeau with an impressive number of musicians and singers interpreting "Happy Christmas" (John Lennon)

Jim Watts

Jim Watts, Singer, Guitarist, Composer

Irish, lives in Great-Britain

Yvalain: "Jim is a singer with a deep voice and a fine guitarist. He loves and plays blues and folk music and hates pop music (especially the Beatles). I meet him when he bought a house in the South of France. My wife and I went to GB when he lived in Cornwall."

His music:

His videos on YT

One song in the spotlight

Jim interpreting Dylan's Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

Video made by Yvalain

Sharing a draft beer

Franck Szypura

His bio (written by Franck). I play guitar since 1997. Self-made guitarist. No musical school. All that I know in music and guitar I learned it by myself. I know some chords and pentatonic scale. It opened me many doors ! My playing is mostly based on improvisation because I am not a composer and I don't have the knowledge for that, so I use a lot of backing tracks to play above it. I always try to put the link of the channel where I find them. I play with my heart, instinct, feeling my soul.

Yvalain: "Franck and I come from the same northern France. I emigrated to the south but Franck remained faithful to the good old north and we sometimes exchange with humor a few words in the northern dialect. He is one the kindest musician that I know, he's very appreciated on Facebook, YouTube and the now gone Fandalism website. He shares his blues, prog-rock and even funk improvisations - that he plays on numerous great guitars - on his YouTube channel, to our delight. We collaborated together on one song by Peter Evans."

Franck's Facebook page

His music:

His videos on YT

One song in the spotlight

Franck interpreting Shout The Blues

Mark Fussell

His bio (written by Mark). "I have lived in and around Seattle in the USA all my life. I grew up in a house with classical, pop, and folk music playing on the record player and spent countless hours absorbing the melodies and harmonies. In college, I studied music theory and classical guitar while playing bass with friends in amateur rock groups whenever possible. The advent of online music enabled me to create music and relieved me of the terror of playing in front of people! Progressive rock is my true love but anything that sounds interesting takes my attention. I am in awe of performers who do what they feel in their hearts and don’t care what people think. I have met so many great musicians online; it is such a privilege to be part of this community of musicians."

Mark's Facebook page

CocoonBluesBand's Facebook page

(Mark + Melanie Cholie)

His music:

Mark's videos

One song in the spotlight

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (JS Bach)

His collaborations

Yvalain: "Mark is involved in several fruitful collaborations that you can discover on his YouTube channel. Here are 2 examples."

"Wanderlust" featuring Mark Taylor

"After Pouring Rain" featuring Melani Cholie

Yvalain: "Mark is a talented guitarist, a composer, a kind supporter of others works. He's involved in several fruitful collaborations, including one with Melani Cholie. His works are varied, from classical guitar to pop-rock."

Hervé Southman

His bio... just here below

Yvalain: "Hervé is a very discrete man. He's a great pianist who plays mostly calm, dreamy music. He's involved in several collaborations, for example with the late Daisylis, and more recently with Melani Cholie."

Hervé's Facebook page

Hervé's bio (written by himself) :

"Hervé is my first name but of course “Southman” is a nickname because I also come from the North of France, like Yvalain and Franck Szypura, but I live on the Mediterranean Riviera!….

Crazy about music in my youth, I even had a rock scene group between 16 and 18 years old. I started with a little guitar and synth between 18 and 22 years old and then created my first “ambient” music encouraged by listening to Brian Eno...after having been a fan of rock from the late 70's and Frank Zappa!

Then life, marriage, work, children etc… like for everyone, music took the second place.

In 2006 I fell in love with an old small English format acoustic piano (5 octaves) in a merchant's back shop and which could fit into my living room...that was the start of everything! Although I knew neither music nor technique nor took any lessons, I could express myself by ear, but with a great handicap: the chronic inability to respect a tempo!

Fortunately I met good souls who welcomed me to a site that is now purely commercial: “Jamendo”! those were the good years of collaborative meetings and frenzied discussions in the forum; then came the rest of our meetings, on yet another level, with the more international site “Fandalism” where I think most of our common contacts with Yvalain were made, and you find them here on this great website!

The kindness, positivism and encouragement, on this site, have allowed us all to progress and share the pleasure of creation, solitary but also and above all common between amateur musicians, and to create gems with few means but a lot of motivation through friendship and exchanges throughout the world.

I took advantage of this momentum over all these years and often surprised myself in joint creations of songs with extraordinary singers despite my disability lol!

Since the closure of “Fandalism”, the dissolution in social networks which favor immediacy and superficiality, confuses us in our motivation and the feedback we have on our music. I continue to create with one or two people but I also continue to listen to my friends, even if I confess to commenting less and expressing encouragement through the unfriendly media Facebook and Youtube.

Ps: Oh yes, I forgot, the Maki lemur is my totem animal, and he likes to hide 😉 THANKS"

His music:

Hervé's videos

Listen on Spotify

Listen on Apple Music

Listen on Qobuz (HD)

His published discography

Discover samples of this album

One song in the spotlight

Mood in F#

Jason Mark Yates

His bio (written by Jason). "Award winning Singer/Songwriter Jason Mark Yates was connected to music from his childhood, his mother suffered from Schizophrenia and there was no natural bond between them. Music became his solace and his way of reaching people on an emotional level. Amid the backdrop of a dark and lonely past Jason forged the beginning of a prolific songwriting career. As a result of his childhood experiences and other long term traumatic events Jason has developed CPTSD (Complex post traumatic stress disorder).

Jason is actively involved with the psychological effects of Trauma and how to deal with the effects.

Jason has been a Finalist 4 times now in the United Kingdom Songwriting Contest and has had many semi-Finalist placements.

One of Jason's proudest moments was being asked to write the theme tune for AVRadio in Indiana USA. His song is played in 183 countries daily!

Jason has also co written with other musicians from the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

He also writes and submits background music for a respected publisher in California USA."

Yvalain: "Jason is one of the best composer, singer, musician, producer we can find on this website and I'm honored that he agreed to appear here. His songs, often introspective but with a universal aim, always touched me deeply. His music world has improved over time, with a deep attention to every details and a search for clarity in the arrangements. I invite you to visit his well-built website that is a great introduction to his works and his attaching personality."

Tap the picture to visit Jason's great website

Jason's Facebook Wall

His music:

Jason's videos

His SoundCloud page

His ReverbNation site

His music on Apple Music

Discover his most recent recordings through an amazing playlist of 50+ songs. Just tap on the picture

His music on YT (audio)

One song in the spotlight

CRAZY CHILD by Jason Mark Yates. 

"Those care free teenage years of feeling invincible...this song is a concerned reality check."

Yvalain: "I was so happy when Jason took the time to sing a song of mine several years ago. It's called "A Child Like A Hero" that can be heard on my album LOOKING BACK"

Jan Kathy Songbird

From Missouri, USA. Her bio... to come

Yvalain: "Kathy is a sunny human being, a singer with an amazing voice who shares her songs and always with a smile. She always find the words to encourage tother people, and that's only one feature of her generosity"

Her Facebook wall

Her videos

She uses SingSnap...

One song in the spotlight

Tap on the picture to listen this song on her Facebook page

Stig Jones

Alan Jones: "I love the blues & having fun with music & musical friends"

His Facebook wall

His videos

Listen Stig's music on Spotify

His discography:

Tap on the picture to open Stig's Bandcamp page

Christopher Holland Martinez

Chris/Dry Martinez: "I'm just a person who enjoys writing and recording songs in my basic home studio. All instruments, vocals, and production (or lack of it), is performed by yours truly, with the exception of collaborations (listed next to the songs). Many of the songs were recorded on an old Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. I finally went digital after the turn of the century. I've been making music in one form or another since the 1970's. I just want to share my simple tunes. As a good friend of mine used to say-"listen and enjoy"."

His Facebook wall

Tap on the picture to open his

Reverbnation page

His videos

A video by Mark Clark for the Dry Martinez song "Sometimes"

One song in the spotlight

Zeus Rooster

Zeus Rooster's roots can be traced back to the summer of 1977 in a room above a garage on the West side of Houston, Texas. The 3 childhood friends had dreamed of being in a band together as long as they could remember, and in the summer of 1977 Carl Peterson got an electric guitar. Soon the others followed suit with Ed Barkley getting a 6-string electric, and Chris Martinez getting a bass. They found a drummer who lived just around the corner, and soon they were practicing their first licks in the room above the garage dubbed- "the jam room".

From the get-go the members of Zeus Rooster started writing original music. Their first composition was a blues-rock song titled "Back door boogie". Soon they had a multi-track cassette recorder and they began to record their compositions. From that day on they never looked back, and even though they all live in different cities now (40-something years later), they still continue to write and record original music together via the world-wide-web.

Tap on the picture to open Zeus Rooster's

Reverbnation page

Zeus Rooster Fb page