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Juha Hintikka. Jan 30/24 12:26 - CET (Central European Time)

"Your site looks truly good!!" 👍🙂

Barbara Wolfsong. Jan 30/24 15:30 - CET (Central European Time)

"It's a very nice website. Thanks for sharing!"

Peter Murr. Jan 30/24 17:00 - CET (Central European Time)

"Hiya Yves, I went over your site. It is very thorough and has all you would need to interact with friends/artists/fans. Well done, superb. I sent you a message whilst on your site, and shared my email with you.This site is a reflection of the studious side of yourself, Yves. A very decent and informative site. In short it rocks. Best wishes. Truly fabulous site. Regards, Peter." 👍🙂

Pierre Rosique. Jan 30/24 18:52 - CET (Central European Time)

"Bravo for your site Yvalain. It is very well structured and very attractive. Good evening." Original French text: "Bravo pour ton site Yvalain. Il est très bien structuré et très attractif. Bonne soirée"

Carol Forsloff. Jan 31/24 19:19 - CET (Central European Time)

"Good music never really gets old, as Stephen Foster's best reveals. Folk music relates our history, as some of the best examples of sharing human history. A topic that dovetails with this, however, is how can new music be made great and should the composer and performer look toward longevity as part of the definition of success."

Carol Forsloff. Jan 31/24 19:24 - CET (Central European Time)

"A superior job with this website. It is the very definition of how one should present the ideas of music. You, as composer and performer, show the music community a model of the best. Most of all, for those who have come to know you over time, you are a man of values. You know the meaning of service, kindness and the ability to reach out with those values with your music and writings in ways that are not just for present day concerns but for those issues that are everlasting. I am proud to know you and wish you the best in your personal journey into the top echelons of performance where you innately belong."

Catherine Caroff. Feb 1/24 9:09 - CET (Central European Time)

"Thank you for your sharing. I came to the site. It is very well done. Easy to access songs, well detailed. We see that your discography is important with different experiences. So I went to explore a few pieces and I will do it again on occasion. Your work makes me think of our house building. It's a lifetime story of passion for music and guitars. Your work is liveable. You can settle in there, there is all the comfort of professionalism and the sensibilities of remarkable and endearing authors. Bravo for your work which I continue to discover even if most of the pieces are familiar to me. With age I am able to listen to them differently and therefore enrich my musical journey.

In short, your music is welcoming. I have nothing to do other than make myself available and allow myself to follow your path. With all my admiration for what you relentlessly pursue your quest for."

Original French text: "Merci pour ton partage. Je suis allée sur le site. Il est très bien fait. Facile d'accès aux chansons, bien détaillé. On voit que ta discographie est importante avec des expériences différentes. Du coup je suis partie explorer quelques morceaux et je recommencerai à l'occasion. Ton oeuvre me fait penser à notre maison. C'est l'histoire de toute une vie de passion pour la musique et les guitares. Ton oeuvre est habitable. On peut s'y installer, il y a tout le confort du professionnalisme et les sensibilités des auteurs remarquables et attachants. Bravo pour ton oeuvre que je continue de découvrir même si la plupart des morceaux me sont familiers. Avec l'âge je suis capable de les écouter autrement et donc d'enrichir mon voyage musical. En bref, ta musique est accueillante. Je n'ai rien d'autre à faire que de me rendre disponible et de me laisser faire pour emprunter ton chemin. Avec toute mon admiration pour ce vers quoi tu poursuis ta quête sans relâche."

Deborah Henriksson. Feb/01 18:44 - CET (Central European Time)

"Hi Yvalain! Congrats on your new website! Good for you! Yours sincerely, Deborah"

Mark Taylor. Feb 1/24 17:17 - CET (Central European Time)

"Hey buddy, checked out your website further, very impressive. You sure went into a lot of detail, really well done. And thank you for your kind comments, not only about me, but also Glenn and Juha. Much appreciated."

Ferran Delriu. Feb/01 18:02 - CET (Central European Time)

"I've looked at the new website, I really like it. The design of putting a different color in each section is great. I wish you all the luck of the world in this new virtual space!" Original Spanish text: "He mirado la nueva web, me gusta mucho. El diseño de poner un color diferente a cada apartado, es genial. Te deseo toda la suerte del mundo en este nuevo espacio virtual!"

Cire de Sacub. Feb 2/24 8:45 - CET (Central European Time)

"Great quality of the site! Well done !" Original French text: "Belle qualité du site ! Bravo à toi !"

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Remco Heemskerk. Feb 03/24 10:53 - CET (Central European Time)

"Great new adventure and a fantastic page, well done Yves."

Kathy Shortt. Feb 3/24 13:55 - CET (Central European Time)

"Hi great songs live here !"

Age Planas. Feb 03/24 16:14 - CET (Central European Time)

"Very cool website, Yvalain! I'm sure you did most of, if not all the work. Great inspiration for us all. Congrats to You, Juha, Glenn & Mark"

Mark Fussell. Feb 3/24 20:04 - CET (Central European Time)

"A pleasure to visit your site, Yvalain! I have it bookmarked and will visit when I can. Best of luck with all your musical endeavors and remember that regardless of everything that life throws at you, there is always music."

Staffan Fenander. Feb 03/24 21:51 - CET (Central European Time)

"Wow, Yves! Very impressive site, lots of love and work put into this... will visit now and then... honoured that you put my little song on the first page... nice!"

Patrick Collard. Feb 8/24 18:27 - CET (Central European Time)

"What a wonderful job you’ve done in building this website Yves, it is so well presented and very professional looking. I look forward to exploring further in the near future. Excellent work my friend."

Juha Hintikka. Feb 09/24 19:20 - CET (Central European Time)

"I've done some preliminary checking of your new site. Massive, impressive, beautiful and great. Can I share it in my FB etc?"

Hervé Southman. Feb 17/24 18:15 - CET (Central European Time)

"What a complete work on this site which recounts years of collaborations and extraordinary creations for us amateur musicians around the world. Like Yvalain, precise, serious but so romantic, a true lover of music in its altruistic and philanthropic dimension, well done dear friend." Original French message: "Quel travail complet sur ce site qui relate des années de collaborations et de créations extraordinaires pour nous musiciens amateurs de part le monde . A l'image de Yvalain précis , sérieux mais si romantique , un vrai amoureux de la musique dans sa dimension altruiste et philanthrope , bravo cher ami"

Jason Mark Yates. Feb 22/24 15:44 - CET (Central European Time)

"It's great Yves, and thank you again. You are one special person. Thank you for your presence."

Jony Tomelin. Feb 23/24 23:25 - CET (Central European Time)

"Good to discover your new site, it's great how you focused on your friends collaborators. A glimpse of what we had on the now extinct Fandalism (sadly it was gone, I miss that positive interaction we all had there). Social media like Facebook and YouTube are changing (for worse for our things unfortunately)."

Jan Kathy Songbird. Feb 24/24 15:44 - CET (Central European Time)

"Oh my goodness my dear Yvalain that is so kind of you. It means the world to me you wanted to do that. And I am reading about the others featured and enjoying their music. You are amazing my sweet friend. Thank you again"

Gene O'Neill. Feb 24/24 19:25 - CET (Central European Time)

"I hope that my bio I've sent you is suitable. Thank you for asking me to be part of your page. It is an honor."

Dave Rodriguez. Feb 28/24 22:51 - CET (Central European Time)

"Yvalain, wow man! This website is outta site (play on words lol). Seriously though bro, it takes a lot of effort to make something like this for the love of music and more importantly, for the love of people. So loving of you to continue the comradery and thus connection we had in Fandaland. I wish all the best my friend. You've always been the same kind soul I knew then and even more so after listening to your heartfelt expressions in the interview done by the talented Melani Cholie. I tried to find the recipe to Zapple Pie and all that comes up is Yvalain, Mark and Glenn...hmm..well, you know what? That's good enough for me! All the best Yves!"

Stig Jones. Mar 3/24 13:52 - CET (Central European Time)

"This is a great site , lots of familiar faces & a very interesting place, will investigate further."

Paco Santiago. Mar 18/24 20:29 - CET (Central European Time)

"Dear Yvalain: It was a great pleasure to discover your message in the Jamendo comments. I found it particularly exciting that you remembered me despite the time that had passed. For many years I have been battling against the cancer which, thanks God, I managed to beat, even though doctors predicted in 2004 that I had one year to live only. I survived and I believe it was music that healed me. I checked out your personal site and thought it was great. Thank you for your compliments to me, even if I find them excessive and I don't think I deserve them. Finally, I would like to point out that I am entirely at your disposal if you wish any musical collaboration. An affectionate greeting. Paco Santiago." Translated from French