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Introducing great Artists who collaborated with Yvalain once in a while

His bio (written by Jaime Heras) "As far as I remember I have always loved listening to music. When I was about nine or ten I discovered I had an ear good enough to allow me to play the tunes I liked in my little casio keyboard. Then, one day, by chance, I played one of those tunes wrong and it turned into something I never had heard before, but I liked. And so I discovered that I could create my own melodies with certain ease.

That was almost forty years back, and since then I haven't stopped making music on my own or with friends. The Internet gave me the chance to share my music online, which I started doing in 2007, with quite a warm response from those who listened to it. It also gave me the chance to collaborate with other musicians (like my mate Yvalain) or creating "virtual" bands, like Ear3 and Singing Sands.

My biggest inspiration is Vangelis (his music and Jean Michel Jarre's drove me to choose keyboard instead of guitar), but you can find other clear inspirations in some of my music from people like Wim Mertens, Tangerine Dream, Max Richter or
many others, depending on the music I'm listening at the moment. Apart from that, I'm passionate for Beatles music, and all classic pop and rock from the 50s on, specially prog.

Making music fills me with joy, and if only one person shares that joy, even for a moment, with any of my music, that's total success for me

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SUNSET, 70 minutes of soothing, relaxing music Composed and performed by Jaime Heras

(ideal for studying and meditating)

Jaime Heras

A favorite: a great new instrumental by Jaime Heras with a fantastic video

One song in the spotlight

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His Collaboration with Yvalain

Yvalain: "Jaime was very helpful to me in my early steps on on line music back to the 2010's. At that time we were both using the European music distributor Jamendo. Very kind and knowledgeable person, creator of very creative albums which are all available online, please follow the links above.

2 of our collaborations can be found on "Yvalain & Juha Hintikka" albums: SOME RELIEF and IN THE DEEP which links are here below."

SOME RELIEF. An early song that Yvalain recorded in the 2010s in which Jaime played a very nice oriental piano part. Later on Yvalain proposed that song to Juha. That song appears now in our album Horizon Watchers

IN THE DEEP. That song that closes our album Naturally was co-created with Jaime. He plays an impressive winding synth on the first part of the song. Although this album is rather recent Jaime's part was recorded around 2010.

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His music:

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His Bio (written by Staffan): "Hi folks! I am a tender youth ..age 76…! …been playing since i was 15 years all kinds of music from jazz and classical to pop and rock... as long as it is music with love and soul I don't care...

Played in a few bands , for a while semi-professional and also played a lot alone, in the streets in Europe and Canada and as entertainer in pubs, clubs, social gatherings etc. Know a lot of songs!

Now retired, I have taken as my special niche to interprete (note: not cover!) songs from all genres and giving them new dress and soul and hopefully injecting them with new life... and now and then I sneak in a song of my own...

My main instrument is guitar (also play harmonica, mandolin, bass and cheating on the drums) the last 10 years I have concentrated on acoustic guitar, fingerpicking, slide etc. I try a lot of open tunings and also experiment in sounds and styles.. but my other main instrument is my voice, been a singer all my life , try a lot of harmony singing and arranging.

Staffan Fenander

"Loving You Blues", an original by Yvalain with Staffan Fenander on electric guitar and harmonica, Gene O'Neill on electric guitar and Yvalain on electric guitar and electric bass. It's a Blues improvisation above a song structure provided by Yvalain. Another song of the album "Team Works"

"LAZY OR BROKEN", an original by Yvalain with Staffan Fenander on vocals & harmonica and Yvalain on all other instruments. Yvalain: "That was a wonderful slow version of that song that Staffan and I made together. Staffan 's vocals is full of emotion and what an harmonica part!... One of my best songs I believe. Really, thank you Staffan"

"LOVING YOU" an original blues by Yvalain (music) and Gene O'Neill (words) with Staffan Fenander on harmonica, Gene on vocals and Yvalain on guitars and bass. A song of Yvalain's album "Team Works"

Yvalain: "Staffan is an amazing multi-talented performer and a big hearted person that I could always call when I needed a help in any musical project. He has a life-long musical experience and an encyclopedic knowledge of American folk and blues culture. He taped many great live performances that can be watched on his YouTube channel. I warmly recommend you to treat yourself by watching some of his works."

His Collaboration with Yvalain

One song in the spotlight

Heaven by Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys. Staffan: "I tried to step into Carl´s shoes and do all vocals plus acoustic guitar and my wonderfully talented friend Yvalain scored the strings in an exquisite way... his arrangement lifts the song ..up to heaven"

His music:

His videos on YouTube

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Yvalain: "Staffan joined me on several more songs that can be heard on the albums CHARMS and TEAM WORKS. I also produced a couple of songs for Staffan that are on his Soundcloud Channel and/or his YouTube page"

From (Spain). He plays guitars, lute, mandolin, bandurria, bass, Paraguayan harp and synths.

Yvalain: "I instantly loved Paco's music that I discovered on Jamendo by the years 2010s. A lot of acoustic instruments that creates an intimate and warm feeling that speaks to the heart. He records original pieces of instrumental music. The mood is often melancholic and emotional.

I was particularly moved by his series of albums Guitarras en la Alpujarra (4 volumes at this date). He also recorded epic albums of chill out music around themes such as the country of dreams or telling the story of the discovery of America. He's very discrete on social media and I don't know a lot about him but his music tells everything."

Paco Santiago on Jamendo

Paco Santiago on Reverbnation

Paco Santiago on SoundCloud

His Collaboration with Yvalain

Yvalain: "When I recorded the first version of my album SOUL COLORS I asked Paco if he could add some of his magic lute on one of my songs that was sung by Jacques Delorenzi. He provided me with beautiful tracks that I was happy to insert in my mix. Later on Juha also added a great recorder part to the existing recording. The definitive version is now available in the new version of the album SOUL COLORS.

Here is the audio track of  LAMENT OF THE OLD FORGOTTEN SOLDIER"

His Discography

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His music:

Paco Santiago

Pat (Patrick) Collard from GB. Plays guitar and piano, sings & composes.

Yvalain: "Pat is a brilliant musician and composer. His technique on guitar (superb picking) and piano amazes. He's also a great singer with a soft voice and when the song needs it he creates great harmonies. I was lucky to collaborate with him on a couple of songs (see here below). Pat also hired me to complete a couple of videos and refresh the sound of some of his old golden masters "

Pat Collard on SoundCloud

Pat Collard on YouTube

His Facebook page

His Collaboration with Yvalain

Freedom. Lyrics by Pat Collard, music by Yvalain. Pat played picking guitar and sings. Yvalain played bass guitar, added drums and strings and made the overall production. Juha Hintikka played flute. A song of Yvalain's album "Team Works"

Mister Jones. A song composed by Yvalain, lyrics corrected and improved by Pat Collard. Pat played picking guitar and sings. Yvalain played bass guitar, and added a jazz arrangement. A song of Yvalain's album "Team Works"

The Lonely Boy. A song composed by Yvalain, lyrics corrected and improved by Pat Collard. Pat played picking guitar and sings. Yvalain played bass guitar, and provided the song arrangement. A song of Yvalain's album "Looking Back"

One song in the spotlight

One Road. A song composed by Pat Collard.

Pat: " Although I play mostly guitar I have written a few songs on piano, this one is from some years ago from a fond memory of what might have been ! My good friend Yvalain was kind enough to remix the audio and put the video together for me."

His music:

Patrick Collard

Yvalain: "Daisy is a poet, storyteller and tireless traveler. Her paths have led her to meet numerous artists in all fields. She left us in August 2023. She sowed thousands of bright little daisies in our lives that still shine in our hearts."

Daisylis albums on Jamendo

Daisylis's videos

A Daisylis's album that contains 2 musics created by Yvalain

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Video "Répondre à la barbarie" (Respond to barbarism) a song written after the Charlie-Hebdo massacre

Daisy visited Yvalain in Jan 2019

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Her collaboration with Yvalain

Her music:


Yvalain: "A thought for the late Pierre-Marie Coedes, who was a musician on Jamendo. He composed amazing symphonies, using GarageBand loops. When Daisylis visited me we called Pierre-Marie on the phone. He was ill and had difficulties to breathe" but he was so happy that us 2 met in person and called him. He died a few weeks later.

Pierre-Marie Coedes

From GB. Plays guitars, bass, sings & composes.

His Bio (written by Peter). "Hello, well I'm now 71 and playing guitar since I was 16.

From my earliest recollections music has always played a huge part of my life. Back in the 50s my parents had a radiogram with a huge collection of various genre 78 & 45 records which my eldest sister and I played regularly. My father was a big jazz fan and loved big bands also (as I did too) while my mother was very catholic in her tastes and loved Ray Charles, Perry Como, Four Preps, Bill Haley and Elvis on 78 from the 50s then from the early 60s Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, beat groups etc. Before we owned a TV we always listened to Radio Luxembourg on the radio to hear the latest chart songs.

On a tiny TV I remember seeing the Stones, Animals, Beatles in B&W! Loved this guitar driven music and although at this time the Stones was my favourite band until I became obsessed by George Harrison's guitar playing and I wanted a guitar. My next obsession was with Dylan, Cohen and Donovan and pleas for an acoustic guitar fell on deaf ears, my mum saying "you can't play so it's a waste of money"!

I waited until I found work in 69 and bought a dog of an acoustic with my first week's wage, a mate gave me Bert Weedon's book and I learned to play easy chords. To progress I bought an Eko acoustic and a Watkins Rapier electric and played about with different melodies and wrote a few basic songs. One song Bouef Brochette (which is on YouTube) hails from this era although I only recorded it in recent years. A couple of friends started a band which I became involved with as a roadie. I got to meet a lot of local musicians with this involvement and attending folk music clubs.

Late 70s after spells of unemployment I sold my gear as money was tight.

At Christmas '88 I bought my youngest son a 3/4 size nylon string acoustic but spent most of the day playing Beatles, Dylan and Donovan songs! My wife Diane suggested I get playing again and get a guitar when the shops opened so I bought a near new Washburn dreadnought and started playing fingerstyle and songwriting.

A drummer friend from those 70s days who was a Facebook friend saw a couple of instrumental videos I'd made and suggested I check out this brand new website he had visited and post the vids on there. The site was Fandalism and the rest is history. The support and encouragement I received from Angelo Marinosci, Franck Szypura, Jim Watts and Yvalain was amazing. Many thanks gentlemen.

Please check out my links below."

His Facebook page

Peter Evans

Yvalain: "I was very pleased to produce several songs for Peter and also make some videos. Sometimes I also played and added arrangement to his songs. His YouTube channel provides several nice examples. Here below 2 songs among them."

SUFFERING IN SILENCE composed and performed by Peter Evans, and heartfelt song with Yvalain on 2nd guitars and bass.

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GIRLS GALORE composed and performed by Peter Evans, recorded with the help of Franck Szypura & Yvalain.

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There are 2 more great songs by Peter that were added to my album TEAM WORKS : A Little Bit Of Love and Growing Old Gracefully in which Yvalain also added some vocals

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Peter Evans's videos

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His music:

His Collaboration with Yvalain

Yvalain: "I know Peter since the early days of Fandalism. I played live his originals and it was always a pleasant moment to watch and listen his latest composition. He is a generous musician who has a very strong social fiber and he never hesitated to sing about the trials of poor people. He wrote special songs for some of us who he admired or who needed some attention. He also involved himself in several musical collaborations, including myself."

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Composer, singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentist.

From Brisbane, Australia

His Bio (written by Peter): At 14 Peter was joining cover bands to hone his skills. He became a session guitar player at ‘Immanuel Sounds’ Recording Studio, where voice-over work and jingle writing flourished. There he met Tony Meehan from The Shadows. Several jingles were co-written with Tony. One sold and become the first air-played advertisement for Kirra Surf (a surfwear/boards and accessories shop on the Gold Coast). Peter had a track used as backing on a surfing segment on the TV show ‘Creek To Coast’ (a fishing and surf report program), and Gold Coast Promotional Videos.

At 30 years he stepped out to develop his own music and style. Moving to Brisbane, is where he built a top shelf project Home Recording Studio called ‘Riffhangar Creations’, learning to edit and produce in the analog and rising digital age. Peter went on to co-write with celebrity musicians such as Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake), Thorsten Koehne (Edens Curse), Tore Moren (Jorn), Jeffery Marshall (Teacher at Musicians Institute USA), Sven Stichter, Jonas Tamas, Matthew Petropoulos, and Jay Rusnak. Microsoft used one of his songs in a Windows promotion 2010 and he signed a Publishing Deal with Music Of The Sea. These days he is busy with his solo material and some collaborations.

His Facebook page

Peter Murr's website

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Peter Murr

His music:

Peter Murr's music on ReverbNation

Peter Murr's music on BandCamp

Peter Murr's videos on YouTube

One song in the spotlight

Peter Murr's Bones Blues

Featuring Franck Szypura

His Collaboration with Yvalain & Juha Hintikka

Yvalain: " Peter is a great guitarist who adapts his playing to your style. I was very happy when he joined us on several originals, bringing great guitar parts that magnified our songs"

A 3 songs-EP on which Peter played

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Terra Incognita with Yvalain, Juha HINTIKKA and Peter Murr

Peter Murr plays on more songs. Check Yvalain & Juha Hintikka's discography, the albums "Quiet Voices", "Aurora", "Wanderers on Lost Tracks" and the EP "En Route"

Murlani on YouTube Music

Ted Poulsen

From Iowa, USA. The most Danish of the Americans. Traveller, Photographer. But most all of Composer, Guitarist, Bassist and keyboardist. Expert in every field!

"Yvalain: Ted Poulsen is an amazing musician who is able to create sweet moving ballads and, with the same apparent ease  pure rageous hard-rock songs. He's a generous person who share his magnificent photographs on his Facebook wall. He published several beautiful albums that can be listened to on streaming services."

His Facebook page

His music:

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His discography

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One song in the spotlight

Ted Poulsen performing his original "Did You Say"

His Collaboration with Yvalain

Yvalain: "Ted is an amazing singer, besides being a great musician. I was very happy that he agreed to sing two of my compositions, at a time I was working on solo albums. We can hear these songs in my Maxi-EP named "Music is my Life" and on my album "July 6th"

Ted Poulsen performing Yvalain's "WHEN YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE" a song that was a hit on streaming services

Jony Tomelin

From Brazil. Multi-instrumentist, singer (in English), composer. Folk music.

Yvalain: "Jony is a man, very discrete on social media, who has great talents. His compositions are beautiful and his covers of famous folk artists such as James Taylor, Neil Young or John Martyn excellent. He provides live performances and very accomplished studio works in which he plays everything, including the drums. He is part of a duo with the very excellent Willard Ribeiro that is called Johnny's Garden that is worth to discover."

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