In 2016 Yvalain started a fruitful collaboration with the Finnish flutist Juha Hintikka. Together they recorded several albums of instrumental music from prog-rock, thru world music or even contemporary baroque music. They still have projects for the future. Immerse yourself in a dreamy, creative and full of surprises music.

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February 20th, 2024: The duo published a new EP with 3 songs that were recorded in 2018 but not published yet in their official discography. The songs were remastered by Yvalain earlier this month. The song "Is There Any Love In You?" features Remco Heemskerk and Gaby Cardoso. The EP is available on all streaming sites. Just search for "Yvalain" or for "Juha Hintikka". Links to the streaming sites here below.

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In 2023 the duo published their first album of neo-baroque music, named BAROQUE SPIRIT1, a project nurtured by Yvalain for years, finally realized. The recording sessions of the next volume "BAROQUE SPIRIT 2" have started in 2022. Update April 2024: It is now published on every streaming site 😊

NEW. Our music is now also available on BandCamp.

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BAROQUE SPIRIT 2: Issued in April 2024, it's a project that Yvalain carried for years, finally recorded with the help of Juha. It's an album of contemporary baroque music with classical and modern instruments. That's the 2nd opus of the series started with BAROQUE SPIRIT1 in 2023.

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Yvalain & Juha Hintikka albums and singles are available on all known streaming services under our individual names.

So you can find our common works when you go to Yvalain's artist page, or to Juha Hintikka's

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Berlin, a song composed and played by Yvalain & Juha Hintikka, with Remco Heemskerk on lead guitar

One of our exploration of urban music, very exciting

Audio samples of our album "TAO"

TAO is a collection of songs created by Yvalain & Juha Hintikka, our short Best Of album. Introducing the Dutch guitarist Remco Heemskerk on the final track "Berlin"

For the same reasons than for Zapple Pie the whole recording process is based on internet exchanges. Juha lives in Finland. Yvalain in France. 1) Yvalain prepares the structure of the song and records a preliminary basic section that will be used as a reference by Juha. 2) Juha records his tracks at home and sent them to Yvalain. Juha selects the instrument that he feels adequate for the song among various formats of flutes and recorders. 3) Yvalain inserts his partner track(s) into the song, he refines the basic section, and he often adds arrangements such as synths, percussion, orchestral parts. 4) Yvalain prepares the mix and share it with Juha who suggests change if need be. When both of them are satisfied, the duo can publish the song and prepare a video (which follows a bit the same process, using green screens for example to show the 2 members playing together seemingly in the same location).

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Yvalain & Juha videos can be watched on Yvalain's YT channel

En Route (extract), a song composed and played by Yvalain & Juha Hintikka, with Peter Murr on lead guitar

And our best single "En Route"


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Yvalain & Juha Hintikka - Archaeology

Yvalain: "My partners know how long it takes me to really be satisfied with my mixes and with the sounds. As time runs I always find something that does not sound right to my ears. My mixing technique evolved in time, I acquired new techniques and new software tools to improve the sound. The temptation was big - and I could not resist - to reopen my old recordings and try to make them sound better. The official published discography is the result of this years-lasting process. But it's fun to display once more the original covers. Indeed when the albums were reworked, they were restructured with different track-lists and the old covers did not seem good enough. So here we go, let's open my archives 🤓"

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Here are their first albums versions. They are no longer on line 😃

All covers designed by Yvalain