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His Bio: Glenn was ten years old when The Beatles came to America. That is when he realized that he wanted to grow up and be a musician.

In his teens, he sang as the lead singer with a few different local cover bands. He received a guitar for Christmas when he was sixteen. He started teaching himself how to play guitar and because he liked poetry, he started writing songs as well. Various groups that he had been in broke up, but he continued to play guitar and write songs on his own. He even sang and played guitar in churches over the years.

Later in life, he invested in a digital portastudio and started recording his original songs. When the internet came along, he started sharing his songs about life on YouTube and Facebook.

Glenn plays 12 string guitar, sings and he also has a bass guitar, keyboard, drum machine and various percussion instruments.

Glenn has collaborated with Yvalain from France and Mark Taylor from California, U.S.A. in a group called Zapple Pie.

Glenn is from New Jersey and is married with three children.

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Glenn's videos

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His Music:

Yvalain: "Glenn is a great artist: painter, graphic designer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and an amazing lyricist. When I provide him, in a rough demo, with the main melody of my song, most of the times without lyrics, he comes back with one excellent story, great singing and wonderful vocals harmonies and choir. When I remix our older works I often have to adjust a lot of details in the instrumental part of the song, but the vocals were perfect from the beginning and never needed re-recording".

Glenn Basham

His News

Glenn Basham: Glenn's new heartfelt single, named "Broken" is published on all streaming platforms.

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His Discography

(including Zapple Pie albums)

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Mark Taylor, guitars, ukuleles, harmonica. The group Zapple Pie was born when Mark joined the duo Yvalain + Glenn, that happened in 2016.
His Bio: Mark's earliest music memory was when he was around the age of four when The Beatles came to America. His mother bought him and his older sister the first two american issued albums and Mark has been hooked on the band ever since.
Mark picked up the guitar when he was in elementary school and wanted to learn music from The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Sadly he was steered in a direction he did not really want to go and had to deal with subpar instructors and music he did not like.
Mark finally quit all that and later in life got serious about the music he did like and took it from there. Learning fingerstyle and rock music Mark found the direction he wanted to go. Learning came from books, videos, and a lot of experimentation on his own.
Mark owns and plays five electric guitars, two acoustics, bass, ukelele, harmonica, and a bit of Hurdy Gurdy. Mark has collaborated with Yvalain from France and Glenn Basham from New Jersey, USA in a group called Zapple Pie. Mark has also done a lot his own originals, acoustic guitar songs as well as rock songs with his electrics.
Mark is from California and has two children with his wife of 4 decades so far. A son and a daughter.

Mark's Facebook page

Mark Taylor on YouTube

Mark Taylor on Spotify

RADIO RAUMSTATION interviewed Mark Taylor in May 2020. You can listen it here.

Yvalain: "Mark is a genius lead guitarist. Contrary to many guitarists on the market Mark has the instinct to know what a song needs. I often leave few bars in a song for Mark so that I know that he will do exactly what must be done, without any need to specify it.
He is a multi-talented guitarist, excellent as a solo artist (check his albums on streaming services) he creates beautiful airy melancholy acoustic pieces (using sometimes his famous spider-capo), initiates us with exotic modes (particular scales) or serves us breathtaking pure hard-rock."

His Music:

Mark Taylor

His News

Latest solo release by Mark is "Chaos".

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His Discography

(including Zapple Pie albums)

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In 2016 Juha joined Yvalain to create prog-rock music. He plays wonderfully all kind of wind instruments, ethnic percussions and keyboards.
Yvalain: "That was a great day the day when Juha agreed to join his forces to me to create original instrumental music under the name of Yvalain & Juha Hintikka. He has a long experience as a musician, capable to read & write music sheet, playing live with various bands of different styles. I always dreamt to be able to produce a more sophisticated music than only pop-rock songs and Juha was the exact person that could help me achieve that dream. With him there is no need of too many words. Even if I provided him with an already rather busy demo he'll always find his way to complement it with incredible and unexpected new melodic lines and harmonies. Together we have visited many styles already, without being limited to any style boundaries, and we will continue that way".

Check his impressive solo discography on streaming services

Juha's Facebook page

Juha Hintikka on YouTube (videos)

Juha Hintikka on Spotify

Juha Hintikka on YouTube (audio only)

RADIO RAUMSTATION interviewed Juha Hintikka in June 2020. You can listen it here.

His Music:

Juha Hintikka

His News

Latest solo release by Juha is "Dolce Fatale".

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His Discography

(As Sini ja Juha Hintikka)

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Remco plays guitars, mandolin and keyboards, sings & composes.

His Bio: "Hi! I am remco ..age 62...! ...been playing since I was 13 years the ...Beatles, Peter Frampton, Dire Straits and Paul McCartney as long as it is...

Played in a few bands, started playing bass-guitar. I played also 8 years in a Sea Song Folk band. (Guitar,Banjo, Mandolin and Vocals) and traveled around in England, Ireland, Germany,Belgium and France.

Now retired after being in the Dutch Navy for 33 years.

At the moment I am trying to compose relaxing and film music, mostly instrumental with midi keyboards and Digital Audio Workstations, at the moment Logic Pro X, Cubase 13 and Studio One 6.5 and several sampler programs. Still a rookie on composing and trying to get more skills.

His Facebook page

Remco videos on YT

One song in the spotlight

Remco Heemskerk's Desert Island

His Collaboration with Yvalain

Tap on the picture to open a video playlist. It's only a part of all the songs that Remco recorded with Yvalain

Watch here "HORIZON WATCHERS" an epic song recorded by Remco, Juha HINTIKKA & Yvalain

Yvalain: "Remco is a brilliant guitarist that many know thanks to Fandalism, a platform where he used to share blues/rock improvisations and very elaborated composition as well. Also known for playing in a folk band. This former sailor now share beautiful compositions on YouTube, often related to the sea and sea animals.

Remco was with us when I started to record songs with Glenn Basham. He also was present when I started to record music with Juha Hintikka. I cherish all the songs that we recorded together."

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His music:

Remco Heemskerk

"Is there Any Love In You" feat. Remco

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She's a singer, composer, plays guitars & ukulele, poet & writer.
From Oahu in Hawaii, USA.

She became known by many of us when she posted songs on Fandalism when this site offered to many of us a place to show our works, whether confirmed musicians or beginners. Not only she posted great videos - often with a nice, gracious and smiling spoken intro - of her singing with the creative support of her husband Delbert who played various instruments such as accordion and harmonica but she always provided kind support to many of us by providing advice on how to use that site for the best. She's a complete artist: music, literature, painting. In fact her whole life was dedicated to promoting beauty in the world, beauty in art, beauty in human beings. Her vocation continues to this day, to our great joy.

Carol Forsloff on YouTube (videos)

Carol's Facebook page

Carol & Del Forsloff on Spotify

"Louisiana music, white soul and blues, country and folk with accent on roots music"

Her music:

Carol Forsloff

Her Collaboration with Yvalain

Yvalain: "I was a beginner on Fandalism and I was lucky to get nice supportive comments from Carol . With her husband Del she cared about the other musicians. For example, she often held back her publications for a while in order to give more chances to other musicians to appear on the famous "Featured" page of Fandalism. Little by little our exchanges intensified and we became real friends."

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Lisa Gill

Yvalain: "I also covered her song named Waianae Country Kisses that can be heard on my album DARING TO SING"

Better Times Are Coming, a song by Carol Forsloff, interpreted by Lisa Gill (vocals) & Yvalain (instruments).That song is published on my album CHARMS.

One of Carol's best originals, borrowed here by Yvalain to create this great version, thanks to Lisa's great interpretation

Live at Kahumana, Oahu, Hawaii (March 2015)

Yvalain: "In March 2015 I crossed half the globe to meet Carol, her husband Delbert and their friends in Hawaii, specifically in Waianae on the island of Oahu. I was welcomed like a prince. The day after I arrived, Carol and Del were giving a concert at an organic farm. Naturally they asked me to participate. It was scary for me because on the one hand I still suffered from jet lag and on the other hand it had been several years since I had performed on stage. However, how can one resist such a request...

I had to perform a song in French. So I rehearsed a song by the singer Barbara called Göttingen. When the time for the concert arrived I went on stage with Carol and Del and accompanied them on guitar, imitating what Carol was playing because I didn't know their repertoire. At one point Carol and Del slipped away and left me to play alone, it was the French moment of that concert! A friend of the couple filmed these magical moments and I am happy to share a part of them here on this site."

Yvalain: "I was happy to contribute to Carol and Del's works on a few songs. This is one of them, a heartfelt song named Child of Light and Heaven Too"

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. Carol: "Folk music, Midnight Special, at Kahumanu Organic Farm stage on Friday, March 6, 2015 with Lady of Letters and Man of the Sea (Carol and Del Forsloff) from Hawaii and Yvalain Debodinance of France. Played with guitars and accordion."

FIVE HUNDRED MILES. Carol: "A cover song of a folk classic performed on the stage of the island paradise at Kahumanu organic farm on the Waianae Coast of Oahu, Hawaii by Lady of Letters and Man of the Sea (Carol and Del Forsloff) and Yvalain Debodinance of France."

SOMETHING SPECIAL. Carol: "An original love song written by Carol Forsloff, copyrighted 2013, and performed by Lady of Letters and Man of the Sea (Carol and Del Forsloff) of the U.S. and Yvalain Debodinance of France at an organic farm in Hawaii, on a stage on March 6, 2015 with guitars and accordion."

GOTTINGEN (by Barbara). Yvalain: "I was invited by Carol & Del to perform a typical French song. I made it at the end of Carol & Del's performance. The scenery was really fantastic but a bit windy. That's why I had to redo most of the performance in my home studio, but I stuck to the original live concert. The film was made on a cell phone by a friend of the Forsloffs, Hynqueen Perez, and I thank her very much."

The Author

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Book introduction: "Internationally known journalist and author, Carol Forsloff, offers the reader a delightful profile of one of the most captivating towns of the South. This is the town where Steel Magnolias made the world appreciate the unity and strength of women in a small town. It is also the place where Uncle Tom's Cabin was written so it has had to struggle to gain its footing from the negatives of the past. Its charm, however, together with its great beauty and warmth of its citizens make a stranger feel at home in moments. This book defines how small town graciousness can continue to delight and inspire the best in all of us as it has made Natchitoches, Louisiana truly a national treasure."

Find it on

Book introduction: "Internationally known journalist and author, and former educator, Carol Forsloff, takes the reader past fear of math to an understanding that will provoke most people to want to learn more. This book talks about math fear, how it develops and the strategies for overcoming it. In early childhood we love math and use it all the time, from counting our toes and fingers to telling strangers how old we are. Over time, however, many of us start to hate or fear math. In this book the author talks about how we can begin to undo our fears about math and the platform we can initiate for our children so that they don't fear math and see it as a friend."

Find it on

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He's a singer, composer. From Toulouse, France

Jean Libert is a talented artist who creates an original and endearing musical universe. His group CAFE NOIR was very famous in the 80s. Some of their live performance and records can still be heard on the internet. More recently Jean created a group called ZWELL who played live in the region. All these years Jean never stopped to compose and record original music. Some songs of his repertoire are available on audio streaming services. Jean sings in English.

Yvalain: "I met Jean in the early 80s. At that time I was looking for a singer who could also write lyrics for my songs. We worked 4 or 5 songs but we did not go further and lost tracks of each other. Almost by chance we met again in the years 2000s. Jean and I played in our own groups. We decided to work on new material together. I was very happy with the results, Jean brings something special in his way of singing. These new songs were published on several of my albums. I also happen to remix and produce a couple of his songs and videos, these versions are not yet published at this day."

Jean Libert on YouTube

A playlist of video + audio of Jean Libert and his group Zwell

Jean's Facebook page

Jean Libert's music page on Facebook

Jean Libert on Spotify

Jean Libert on Deezer

His music:

Jean Libert

His Discography

Tap the cover to listen the song on YouTube

CAFE NOIR album sleeve

For the duration of one album, Café Noir did honor to the Toulouse scene by developing with a certain aesthetic a New Wave tinged with rock. An album released in 1985 that can still be listened to, something very rare when we talk about production from the 80s.

ZWELL in concert

One song in the spotlight


His Collaboration with Yvalain

Tap the cover to listen the songs on YouTube

Tap the image to watch videos of the songs we recorded together (YouTube videos)

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She's a singer, composer, lyricist and guitarist. From Canada.

She's involved in many great collaborations. She often creates melodies over existing music and write the lyrics. She's very popular on YouTube.

Yvalain: "I discovered Kathy's works on Fandalism and became one of her numerous fans. One day we decided to start to collaborate on new songs. I provided the background music, without melody, in various styles from pop ballad, thru prog-rock and blues. We recorded as much as 9 songs together. We prepared original videos showing us playing the songs and shared them on YouTube. All these songs are available online in the album CHARMS which only presents songs sung by English speaking female singers."

Kathy's Facebook page

Kathy Shortt

Her Collaboration with Yvalain

CHARMS, the album that contains 9 songs recorded by Yvalain & Kathy. Tap on the album cover to listen the songs on YouTube Music

FADING by Yvalain (instrumental music) and Kathy Shortt (melody & lyrics composition, all vocals).

MY HEAD IS IN A CLOUD by Yvalain (instrumental music) and Kathy Shortt (melody & lyrics composition, all vocals).

More great videos of our collaboration are available on Kathy Short's YouTube channel and on Yvalain's. Follow the links provided here above

Kathy Shortt on YouTube (videos)

Her music:

One song in the spotlight

CRAZY TIMES - Kathy Shortt & Danijela Jovic

Singer, composer, actor. From Montesquieu-Volvestre, France

Yvalain: "Cire de Sacub is a multi-faceted artist, his Facebook page is the most striking testimony to this. We met on the European music site Jamendo where we both shared our music. Cire adds his breathtaking vocals over existing instrumental music. I provided him with 2 instrumentals and he added great choirs and haunting vocals. We then decided to make a special album with baroque-like music in which he would sing verses written millennia ago by Lucretius (De Rerum Natura) in latin! That album was available on Jamendo for some time. But, more recently, I published a compilation that gathers all the pieces that I recorded with Cire. It's "Witches' Sabbath", see the link below.

Nowadays Cire plays intimate concerts (vocal + piano) and pursue his actor career "

Cire's Facebook page

WITCHES' SABBATH by Cire de Sacub (vocals) & Yvalain (music).

Tap on the album cover to open YouTube Music and listen all the songs

His Collaboration with Yvalain

KRISHNA WANTING THE MOON by Cire de Sacub (vocals) & Yvalain (music).

Cire de Sacub's music on Jamendo

Cire's presentation of De Rerum Natura album: " It is an album created jointly by Yvalain and myself. He had already collaborated with me on my first two albums Cire & Co published on Jamendo: Opus#1 and Opus#2. After this warm-up tour, we finally met (we are both from the Toulouse region) and decided to create a real baroque oratorio. Indeed Yvalain had compositions in the baroque/renaissance style, part of which was published on Jamendo at Christmas 2007: Baroque Mood, an album which is still very successful but which he considered unfinished, particularly in terms of sound. I myself dreamed of creating a work in the baroque style. We were therefore made to come together around this exciting project which required 6 months of work together. Yvalain was in charge of the music, drawing on his baroque compositions and composing new parts along the way. Myself composing and performing all the vocal parts (choirs, children's voices, bass, tenor, baritone and countertenor).