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Deborah Henriksson

An American/Swedish artist with a spellbinding voice, an intensely personal mix of Celtic- and Americana inspired folk and pop.
Yvalain: "Deborah Henriksson is an amazing professional singer/composer who already published several amazing albums which listen provides me a sensation of well being. She's a very kind person too and I was blessed that she provided her support to the present new born website. I invite all of you to discover her discography. Some links below to show you the path to beauty."

Her Facebook wall

Her Instagram

Her videos

Her music:

Her discography so far. Just search for Deborah Henriksson in your favorite audio streaming service

One song in the spotlight

CALLING. This lyric video was made in honor of the release of two new versions of Calling in 2020. Filmed on the Oregon Coast, ”Calling” is all about waves: you can hear them in the instruments, and the lyrics speak of how the waves call to you, that their song is always with you: you are never alone! Music by Mats Nyman, Lyrics by Deborah Henriksson. Recorded at Studio Västerås, Sweden, mixed at Soundism in Västerås, Sweden

Listen samples of her latest album

Her website

Ferran Delriu, Web radio manager

Granoller. Spain

Yvalain: "Ferran is a friend of my music since the early 2010s. He manages a web radio that broadcasts interesting programs.

Every night by 23:00 (CET time) my music, and the one of my collaborators is on the air."

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In August 2021 we were very happy to welcome Ferran and his lovely wife Anna who visited us, here in Toulouse, France

Ferran Delriu

Radio Gramola

Peter Bakker

Web Radio Laser Hot Hits

Peter Bakker, Radio Host

From Netherland, lives now in Greece

Yvalain: "Peter hosts a feel-good music show on the web: hits from the 60s through now, discovery of an album, exchanges with listeners through a forum. For years he has always found a place to broadcast songs by amateur musicians such as Remco Heemskerk, Glenn Basham, Yvalain and a few others."

Tuesday 7 - 10 pm UK time

(8 - 11 pm CET time)

Wednesday and Friday 9 - 11 am UK time

(10 - 12 am CET time)

Tap on one picture to access the radio

Peter's Facebook page

to get the program of the coming shows

Many thanks to these friends...

Barbara Wolfsong (Barbara The Poet), USA

Yvalain: "From the early times of Jamendo, Barbara has always been a great supporter of amateur musicians. Her reviews were always great to read. She's a poet and an admirer of the wild life. Please check her blog and her Facebook wall on which she shares the exciting life of eagles."

Her Facebook wall

Her blog

Timo Rissanen, from Helsinki, Finland

Yvalain: "Timo is an art lover, he finds and shares beautiful paintings on his Facebook wall. He's also a great supporter for music and I was lucky that he brought his support for years since the good times of Fandalism."

His Facebook wall

Laura Sullivan, from Washington, USA

Yvalain: "I met Laura, the smiling lady, in Hawaii when I was visiting the Forsloff couple in 2015. I have a great memory of our times together, having a dinner next to the beach and watching sunset over the Pacific. I'm glad that she now supports this new website."

Her Facebook wall

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Stephen Hereford, from Ontario, Canada

Yvalain: "I can't remember when Stephen started to support my music and the one of many others on YouTube, it seems to me that he always did that. His support is very appreciated by many of us. Many thanks Shephen!"

HisFacebook wall