ZAPPLE PIE is an Euro-American group that gathers Yvalain from France, Glenn Basham from New-Jersey (US) and Mark Taylor from California (US). They make together original pop-rock music. Glenn is the singer, Mark the lead guitarist and Yvalain insures the rest of the instrumentation.

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Time to Live Again was the first new publication of the group in months. A song in 2 separated parts written by Glenn and composed by Yvalain.

💿 New Singles in 2024

The covers were designed by Glenn Basham

Audio samples of these singles

The Sun Is Rising is an optimistic song written by Glenn over a music composed by Yvalain. 

My Willow Tree is an heartfelt song written by Glenn over a music composed by Yvalain. 

ONE WITH NATURE. A moment of peace and quietness created by Glenn Basham over an instrumental acoustic piece composed by Mark Taylor. Glenn: lyrics, sung melody, vocals. Mark: composer, acoustic guitar with effects. Yvalain: additional guitar, synths and production.

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The ZAPPLE PIE albums and singles are available on all known streaming services under our individual names.

So you can find our common works when you go to Yvalain's artist page, or to Glenn Basham's or Mark Taylor's

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💿 Their albums covers

All covers designed by Yvalain, excepted "Winter Holiday", "Zapple Pie", "Time to Live Again", "The Sun is Rising" and "My Willow Tree" designed by Glenn Basham






Zapple Pie: Earlier this year Yvalain completed a series of remixes and remasters of Zapple Pie's first 3 albums. He was able to refine the music, re-record some guitar and bass tracks and improve audio effects. The last album in the series is Atlantic Station, which contains the very first recordings made as a duo by Yvalain and Glenn. Fully satisfied with the result now. If prestigious groups like The Beatles want to improve their recordings there is no reason why amateur musicians should refrain from doing so! 😁

All 3 albums, along with the 2 others "Zapple Pie" and "The Best of Zapple Pie" plus a couple of singles are now available on every audio streaming services

💿 Reissues

Ovation Highway, a song by Glenn Basham, Mark Taylor & Yvalain Debodinance, interpreted by Glenn Basham, Yvalain & Mark Taylor

A song to hit the road

Audio samples of "The Best of Zapple Pie"

The Best of Zapple Pie is a collection of songs chosen by the 3 members of the group. Every style that they ever tried is represented there, so the listener can enjoy a variety of sounds, rhythms and moods. The songs were recorded during the years 2016 thru 2021. To be inserted in the Best Of album, each song was carefully remixed (in a few cases even reworked/restructured) and remastered by Yvalain, in order to provide an homogenous sound quality. During time our software tools improved widely, especially mastering plug-ins.

As we all live in different parts of the world the whole recording process is based on internet exchanges. 1) Yvalain prepares the structure of the song and records a preliminary rhythm section that will be used as a reference by all. 2) Each member records his tracks at home and sent them to Yvalain : Glenn records his vocals, Mark records his lead guitar parts and sometimes harmonica. 3) Yvalain inserts his partners tracks into the song, he refines the rhythm section, and he often adds arrangements such as synths, percussion, orchestral parts. 4) Yvalain makes the mix (the most difficult part), shares the results with the others. When everybody is satisfied, the group can publish the song and prepare a video (which follows a bit the same process, using green screens for example to show the 3 members playing together seemingly in the same location).

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Yvalain on YouTube

Glenn Basham on YouTube

Mark Taylor on YouTube

The Zapple Pie videos can be watched on each of their YT channels


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Zapple Pie - Archaeology

Yvalain: "My partners know how long it takes me to really be satisfied with my mixes and with the sounds. As time runs I always find something that does not sound right to my ears. My mixing technique evolved in time, I acquired new techniques and new software tools to improve the sound. The temptation was big - and I could not resist - to reopen my old recordings and try to make them sound better. The official published discography is the result of this years-lasting process. But it's fun to display once more the original covers. Indeed when the albums were reworked, they were restructured with different track-lists and the old covers did not seem good enough. So here we go, let's open my archives 🤓"

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Here are their first albums versions. They are no longer on line 😃

but all songs are present in the new albums versions

Covers designed by Yvalain, excepted "Pieces of Zapple Pie" that was designed by Glenn Basham