RADIO RAUMSTATION interviewed Yvalain in April 2022. You can listen it here.

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Yvalain (Yves-Alain Debodinance) discovered music in his teenage and its wonderful power to free the soul. Until his early 20s he played bass in amateur bands with great exaltation and expectations but without meeting any success. To earn his living he then made adult studies and soon built his career in the aviation industry (Airbus is born in Toulouse, the place where he lives). With his lovely wife they have 3 children: 1 boy, 1 girl and 1 more boy. 

Yvalain always composed songs, even when his technique was still very rudimentary. He plays several instruments: guitars, bass, keyboards and some percussion. He's also keen to add orchestral arrangements to his creations. He records, mixes and produces masters of all his published works whether solo albums or albums made with collaborators. Among his collaborations there are 2 notable projects : "ZAPPLE PIE" and "YVALAIN & Juha HINTIKKA". All his music is available on every known audio streaming services: Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz and many more (just search for Yvalain in their search windows).

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Yvalain: "I couldn't find a better testimony of friendship than this little original song that my Swedish friend Staffan Fenander recorded for me. This video is completely emblematic of this site which is entirely dedicated to friendship in music."


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Yvalain's Music is distributed on 100+ streaming services. 😀 Among them Pandora, Google Play Music, Napster, Boomplay, Amazon Music, Aghami, YouSee Music, Instagram, TikTok etc...

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LEVEL Music distributes Yvalain's music

Along with my music partners, we decided to distribute our music directly on streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and many more (100+ sites). Therefore our music is available with no limitation for the subscribers of these sites.

For those who did not subscribe any of these services :

  • Spotify & Deezer: music can be listened with a free account.

  • Many others such as Apple Music, allows you to listen 30 sec samples of each song.

  • HD services such as Qobuz and Tidal require a subscription. I personally use Qobuz because the HD sound is absolutely beautiful.

  • In addition, all our catalog is available on YouTube for free, not only the videos but the audio as well, and its available here above when you tap an album cover.

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His solo Discography

All covers designed by Yvalain, excepted "Looking Back" that was designed by Jacques Delorenzi

Thank You , a song by Yvalain Debodinance, interpreted by Jony Tomelin (vocals) & Yvalain (instruments)

A sweet ballad created by Yvalain to thank his music partners, with great vocals by Jony

One song in the spotlight

Audio Samples of "Music Is My Life"

One album in the spotlight

MUSIC IS MY LIFE is a collection of 6 ballads, that Yvalain particularly cherishes.

"Don't Want To Be Alone" and "All I Want Is You" (acoustic) belongs to early recordings that Yvalain made around 2010 with the excellent French singer Jacques Delorenzi. Both songs have what Yvalain calls 'his DNA' inside.

"Lazy or Broken" is an alternate version of a song that Yvalain & Glenn recorded for Zapple Pie. This time the mood is very intimate with a discrete big band on a slow tempo. The Swedish singer and musician Staffan Fenander infuse a great emotion on his singing and he also added an harmonica track that moved my heart.

"The Quest of the Holy Grail" is an emotional song, sung by Jean Libert, a famous French singer who lives in the same town than Yvalain. I always enjoyed rehearsing and recording with my good friend Jean.

"The Miraculous Draught", another cool ballad, introduces the German artist Melani Cholie, who wrote the words and composed the sung melody and my accomplice Juha Hintikka.

At last "Music Is My Life" is the original uncut version of my song (also sung by Glenn Basham in a more recent and shorter version) sung by Ted Poulsen, a great American composer/singer who plays excellent guitar and keyboard on his own recordings. Here he just sings, but what a result!

I invite you to listen this short album in extenso on your streaming service.

You can also listen the whole album on YouTube Music. Open the playlist

How it all started: 70s-80s

In the 70s, Yvalain was initiated to the music by school friends. A passion that never ended!

Many thanks to Christian Cuq, Gérard Cuq, Joss Aliaga and later on in the early 80s Frédéric Loizeau.

Since the beginning Yvalain composed songs. He never stopped. Several recent works were developed from beginnings of melodies or chord sequences that were initially composed in his adolescence

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Rebound: 2000's

In the decade 2000-2010 Yvalain joined and created several groups. Many thanks to Philippe Venier who gave him back the desire to play in a group and the pleasure of performing on stage. Bands: Jukebox, Mediatorz, Play, Fury Tale

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The adventure continues: 2010's-present

Yvalain - Archaeology

Yvalain: "My partners know how long it takes me to really be satisfied with my mixes and with the sounds. As time runs I always find something that does not sound right to my ears. My mixing technique evolved in time, I acquired new techniques and new software tools to improve the sound. The temptation was big - and I could not resist - to reopen my old recordings and try to make them sound better. The official published discography is the result of this years-lasting process. But it's fun to display once more the original covers. Indeed when the albums were reworked, they were restructured with different track-lists and the old covers did not seem good enough. So here we go, let's open my archives 🤓"

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Here are his first albums versions. They are no longer on line 😃

All covers designed by Yvalain, excepted: "Musical Friendship" designed by Nathy Chamb

"Soul Colors" designed by Jacques Delorenzi